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This is a black Gildan LONG SLEEVE.


Tombstone was a truck Chase built for his wife. She saw a big flat bed truck for sale and fell in love with the idea. It sold before we got our hands on it. So seeing Lucky's disappointment he searched far and wide for a truck he could build. That is when he came across a truck that had been sitting for 40 odd years in brush in Central Texas. It had a tree growing through the front bumper. Chase and 2 friends spent hours digging, cutting and pulling on that thing. Once it was home Chase got to work. With the help of same 2 friends when they were able he got the truck onto an F650 frame with a cummins to power the bad boy. If you see the truck in person most people have a WTF look on their face but it turns all the heads for sure. We've had so many requests to make it into a shirt and we finally are able. 


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