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Simons Powerhouse Story

Chase's journey with Simons Powerhouse began as a lighthearted joke among friends and family, but it quickly evolved into something much more significant. What started with playful banter about being a "powerhouse"; transformed into a passion for automotive craftsmanship and a desire to share it with the world.

With his first adult build, a 1929 Model A Sedan in 2017, Chase's talent and enthusiasm for restoration became undeniable. Encouragement from loved ones, including his best friend and wife, spurred him to document his builds and share his unique personality and skills with a wider audience.
Officially established in April 2022, Simons Powerhouse quickly gained momentum. The debut of Chase's 1946 Ford ½ Ton, affectionately dubbed "Tombstone" captured the attention of enthusiasts with its intriguing history and impeccable craftsmanship. Whether cruising at car shows or running errands,
Tombstone never fails to turn heads.
Further showcasing his abilities, Chase's 1957 Coyote swapped Fairlane was prominently featured at the Hot Rod Power Tour of 2023, drawing admiration from fellow enthusiasts. Meanwhile, his everyday companion, a 1963 F100 Unibody Crown Victoria swap, serves as both a reliable workhorse and a testament to his dedication to the craft.
Simons Powerhouse has rapidly grown its presence across social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Chase's relentless pursuit of knowledge and willingness to tackle any challenge fuels his passion for the build, inspiring a growing community of like-minded enthusiasts.
For Chase, the thrill of the build is more than just a hobby—it;s a way of life. His unwavering determination and creative vision transform what others may deem as beyond  repair into automotive masterpieces, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter his work.

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